How it works

We aim to revolutionise how schools track health and fitness of students and inspire them to become better.
All sports activities are recorded for time and distance. This data is then uploaded into the website. The top 10 ranked athletes in the league have their recorded data verified according to the time keeping policy*.
All sports data is converted into graphs and charts on each champions 'personal profile' page for exclusive review. The data is also ranked and displayed in the relevant league table for all registers users to view.

Champions are encouraged to improve their performance by rewarding effort and results.

Example: for every 10 attempts you make a medal is rewarded for effort. Every personal best performance (PB) an avatar upgrade is rewarded for effort. Rewards are displayed on the league table against the champions name.

We encourage our champions to repeat their attempts in an effort to improve personal performance and overall ranking.
* Sportstrack accept no liability for inaccurate or inconsistent data recorded by members.
To encourage fair play sportstrack will ask you to provide video evidence of a random students performance if your school is in the top ten league. The students name and a code word (changed each month) must be mentioned in the video by the student.
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